No one plans to have their home damaged by a natural disaster

Unfortunately, life can take unexpected turns. Phoenix has a track record of taking an overwhelming situation and providing the support needed during this emotional time. Our structure team has helped thousands of home owners throughout the area from fire, flood, and storm damage. We are there from the beginning and throughout each phase of the project until the last picture is hung on the wall. This has made us experts at anticipating your needs and getting you back on track as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence when dealing with disasters we understand this and we are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

Since 1999 we’ve provided restoration services for over 30 insurance companies, participating on several preferred contractor programs. Our estimates are written accurately using industry approved software and our team has more than 150 years combined experience in construction and restoration. We will work hand in hand with your insurance carrier to rebuild your home.  If all is lost by fire, water, wind, hail, or mold Phoenix will renovate your property, restore your life and rise above expectations.  

The following is offered to assist you in understanding the upcoming process: 

Emergency Services and Scoping Phase: 

  • Meet Emergency Service needs of the customer 

  • Evaluate Loss 

  • Prepare Scope of Work 

  • Reach agreement with the carrier 


Pre-Construction- Contents Removal and Demolition Activities: 

  • A restoration company should be chosen at this time. It is important to act quickly and continue moving forward before more damage occurs. 

  • Pull Permit 

  • Restore essential utility services, power being the first priority. 

  • Check status of Mechanics 

  • Content and Debris Removal- Hold Point Pending Scope Approval 

  • Structural Demolition 


Construction- Structural Repairs and Odor Control Phase 

As the process of reconstruction starts to happen, it is important to know that the rough in mechanics may require some additional time. Often, there is more damage found or changes that must be made to bring the structure up to code specifications which can require some time and materials. 

  • Structural damage repairs begin 

  • Odor Control- Soda blast and/or seal as required 

  • Exterior Repairs are completed as necessary: 

  • Windows 

  • Doors 

  • Rough Repairs 

  • Siding Repairs 


Interior Design and Finish Requirements– Cabinets, Lighting and Plumbing Selections: 

  • While the above steps are being completed, discussions will begin regarding design and finish selections involving the following: 

  • Cabinets and counter tops- layout is the critical component 

  • Electrical- Lighting and specialty wiring (low voltage, audio, security) 

  • Plumbing- Items required for the rough-in phase, such as, shower/tub valves, shower pans, bath tubs, etc. Finish and style should be considered at this point since options could be restricted by the type of valve body installed. 


Construction- Rough-in Mechanics, Electrical, and Plumbing 

  • Rough- In Structure and Mechanics 

  • Rough- In Inspection occurs by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) 


Trim and Finish Requirements 

About this time we will be asking questions regarding trim and finish options that will help to ensure the final steps of the project go smoothly. These choices will be related to items in the home that will be installed after Sheetrock, mill-work, and painting. Items include cabinets, wall coverings, floor coverings, appliances, etc. Your Project Associate will guide you through this process. 


Construction- Insulation and Sheetrock 

  • Insulation 

  • Drywall 


Interior Trim and Finish- Mill-work, Cabinets, Wall Coverings, Flooring 

  • Mill-work 

  • Cabinets 

  • General Clean 

  • Paint. Stain. Wallpaper. 

  • Appliance Install 

  • Final install on HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing  

  • Floor Coverings installed 

  • 95% Completion Walk-through with HO 

  • Punch and Finish Hardware Install- door lock sets, bath accessories, etc. 

  • Final Clean 

  • Final Inspection with AHJ and HO 

  • Certificate of Completion Signed, Final Payments Made and Re-Occupancy. 

Make the best decision for your family and your home. HIRE LOCAL. HIRE A LEGEND. HIRE PHOENIX RENOVATION & RESTORATION.