As part of our commitment to you, our customer, we’ve created an opportunity to work with you outside the realm of an insurance loss. Whether you are starting a business, expanding, or simply looking for a new style at your office, we offer you the same quality and service for commercial tenant improvements that you have come to expect from Phoenix.

Many new restaurants, retail and office buildings begin as an empty “shell”, with only the four walls, one or two doors and windows, but without interior walls, flooring, ceilings, other finish work, plumbing, electrical, or other completed project components which would otherwise make it a completed building, ready for business. Of course, without these interior improvements that make it your own, it doesn’t serve its purpose. We can help you to transform that empty structure into your unique restaurant or other retail business, office building or facility, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, law office, bank or financial institution, or other small business office. In short, we make it yours, ready to welcome and serve your customers and clients, as well as for your employees. This is commonly referred to as the “build-out”, which may also be referred to as tenant improvements. We can help you to complete your project and have it ready to conduct business, on time and on budget.

We can assist you with any manner of commercial renovation including the following:

Interior commercial renovations/remodels to existing commercial buildings, hotels and offices to change their outdated appearance into an exciting and more spacious environment for your clients and customers, and a more positive and productive environment for your employees

Exterior commercial renovations/remodels to enhance the appearance and appeal of a tired building, restaurant, retail business, distribution center, industrial, shopping center or medical facility, making it fresh and up-to-date

If your plans call for an addition, we’ll make sure that your new addition melds perfectly into the existing building’s style and space

Multi-family properties for updating and repairing medical facilities, senior housing, apartment buildings or other tenant housing projects

We specialize in the following renovations/remodels – doctor’s offices and medical offices and facilities, dentist’s offices, hotel, restaurants, retail, schools and educational institutions, churches and religious facilities, banks and financial institutions, law offices, and other business offices and facilities.

Integrity, respect, compassion; these are just a few of the values Phoenix has worked diligently to display over the years. These are the same qualities we have implemented to serve you with our commercial team. Please call our office to set up a consultation to discuss your project. 913-599-0055.